Author: Heike Brueckner

Diazonamide dot-com

I was at a conference this summer  where Patrick Harran gave a lecture on his group’s approach toward the synthesis of callyspongiolide.  It was special. Harran has charisma that, as best as I can gather, comes from a combination of a near photographic memory, tremendous creativity, deference to the contributions others in his field, and […]

How VanA Strains Get Away With It, Part Two

An evaluation of the thermodynamics of binding between various ligands of Vancomycin (Part 2/2) by Matthew Guberman-Pfeffer* Part 1 in this series can be found here on The Offset and also at the Winnower. Vancomycin Molecular Recognition Events (cont’d) Conversion of the C-terminal D-Ala to D-Lac in the bacterial peptide target results in the loss of one […]

Friendly Conversation

Some of the most rewarding moments in my professional career have been in the midst of protracted conversation with a colleague about some concept or how to communicate an idea to an audience. At times I’ve been the teacher and other times the learner, but the best is when somehow, almost through the strength of […]

Resistance: How VanA Strains Get Away With It

An evaluation of the thermodynamics of binding between various ligands of Vancomycin (Part 1/2) by Matthew Guberman-Pfeffer* This post is also published on The Winnower under DOI:10.15200/winn.144060.03577 In Brief The longstanding invincibility of vancomycin (VC) – the last line of antimicrobial therapy for life-threatening Gram-positive infections – has been compromised over the past decade. The most common and […]

A Key to the Heart of Macrocyclic Structures

Positioning and Configuration of Key Atoms Influence the Topology of [13]-Macrodiolides. Jun Ma, Mark W. Peczuh* J. Org. Chem., 2013, 78, 7414–7422, DOI: 10.1021/jo400383g Atoms at specific “key” positions along the ring of a group of [13]-membered ring macrocycles can govern its shape, or “topology”. The driving force for the organization of the structures is […]